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Casio AI-1000 Pocket Lisp Computer from 1989 (youtube.com)
9 points by rvieira 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

The comment I posted on lobste.rs:

I’ve been curious about this computer for some years, and bid on one some time ago, but at more than 600 € that was more than I was going to pay for it.

As far as I know, the machine is internally the same as the PB-2000C which I do have, just with different key labels and a different ROM. There is an emulator for Windows here: https://pockemul.com/

There is even a Prolog ROM, but again for me it’s not worth the going prices: https://www.casio880.com/categoria_productos/casio/ai-1000/

I wanted to build myself a modern version of this based on the Planet Computers Gemini (https://www.www3.planetcom.co.uk/gemini-pda) which in theory can run Linux, but I’ve had so much trouble with it (running Linux) that I had to postpone it until I can find some time again.

Edit: the video description includes several interesting links including Pocket Emul.

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