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Want to know how much $ the devs of those 'free' Epic Games Store games got (twitter.com/simoncarless)
47 points by pjmlp 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Feel sorry for the developer of 'World of Goo', who could probably have negotiated a 10x higher selling price for his/her game...

Everyone who's ever wanted to play it already played it and probably on more platforms than one. Its value for the Epic store is mainly that of a trophy title.

hmm.. world of goo is probably one of the oldest indies in that list (wasnt it the first humblebundle game ever or something?) so its shell life was more or less over anyway, so I dont fell really sorry. I rather feel sorry for RiME since that is a rather big game that was quite new (from 2017) and only got 45k...

New players born daily....

On the contrary, that game made $50k over ten years after release and nearly a decade after being included in a Humble Bundle (the very first one, in fact).

I'd be really interested in the GTA V deal

Maybe if it’s a gateway into GTA Online than Rockstar didn’t care about single-player copy price that much.

I'd be interested in showing the figures for Grand Theft Auto V. It seems that they will keep it confidential for the time being. Also, I can't believe that some games have the lowest buyout price even though it is quite popular. Why does Metro's buyout price be at $0?

Looks like they were giving away the first two games (which are quite old) to promote the newest game (which just got a new version built around raytracing).

I wonder why some of the indies didn't negotiate a fixed cost per new user acquisition? Particularly the ones where this is very low.

On the other hand it's pretty easy to create perverse incentives for devs or fans to create fake accounts, so maybe a lump sum is better.

Most of these games are on the older side and are probably making negligible amounts of money. Monetizing your backlog for $0.1 per install when 1,000,000 people install your app gives you a lot of valuable funding for your next game.

It's also totally distorted because it's free. If the game cost money, it wouldn't have sold nearly at the same level.

You also can’t buy groceries with potential future players. There are plenty of circumstances where $50000 now beats an unknown amount in the future.

It would be be interesting to understand how they can link new accounts to each game?

Probably the first game downloaded after creation of an account.

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