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Mill Computing is looking for the right VC (millcomputing.com)
33 points by mycall 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Oh, I thought that was an official announcement for a moment.

I recently came upon the Mill architecture and I'm really excited about it conceptually, but in practice it really feels like the project has stagnated in the last few years (or, really, since 2014).

In particular, the project looks no closer to implementing a FPGA version. Now, I'm not familiar with embedded chip design, and if someone familiar with the domain comes by I'd be interested to known whether 7 years is an unusually long time for prototyping a CPU design on a FPGA.

But even if it isn't... I mean, in the time since Mill was announced, we've had an entire console generation come and go (PS4: 2013-2020) and virtually no progress has been reported aside from the filing of patents; and the last patent listed on their website is from 2016, 5 years ago.

I really want to be excited about Mill, but the lack of progress reports is making that pretty hard.

I am pleasantly surprised that Mill project is still alive! I haven't heard anything from them for a long long time.

I just do not understand Ivan’s logic. The VC industry is currently laden with cash; many deals are landing at the upper end of their target range or even oversubscribed. This has been going on all year.

Mill Computing is a classic "noodling" company which is a category that has typically had little to no interest from VCs.

What is a "noodling" company?

Colloquially, "noodling" usually means something like "fooling around with ideas and possibilities without a clearly-defined goal or purpose."

Sounds like fun. How does one get into this kind of gig?

Helps to have a lot of cash!

Ah ok thanks, I hadn't heard it before.

Looks like this is mostly dead. Last significant news was from 2017, where they were working on a FPGA version.

I get a 404.

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