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jasonhansel 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite

I'd be interested to hear her take of many of the things Bill has been involved with, including his time at MS, the foundation, etc., but it looks like this, on the surface at least so far, is amicable so we may not get to have her spill the beans. At least it's not, as of now, a messy one like Jeff B's divorce.

My nostalgia makes me wish she’d reprise her role at MS as GPM for their interactive multimedia titles and relaunch all those cool Microsoft Home CD-ROM titles.

They’re a private couple and it’s inappropriate for anyone to pry or speculate the reasons...

...but I can’t help but think it’s related to the Gates/Covid conspiracy nonsense. It wouldn’t surprise me if the stress from having to deal with crazy death-threats and the like contributed towards the breakdown.

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