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I learned React because of this
8 points by Elksnis 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | discuss
I make things from ground up. From idea or design to final product. Usually together with designers. My biggest struggle has always been design and design to code.

When designer creates things in Figma, this is basically a drawing, there is no way it can go to code (all plugins are bollocks, don't even start on this). For years i've looked for solutions which merge this gap. Even experimented with Webflow and tried to export code to integrate with Vue. Forget about it... doesn't work.

Designers are usually able to work both in Figma and lets say tool like Webflow. There is a gap but not a huge one.

About two months ago i saw a reddit post, mentioning plasmic.app . I checked it, played around and fell in love. Like, it never happens to me, ever.

The was one caveat, i never coded in react.

I had a goal to build ecommerce site, but not one where you can use prebuild templates as those designs almost always suck, and customisation is limited + you are locked in. I wanted to create custom design. I decided to go with it and started building site with Plasmic and React/Gatsby (coming from Vue and Flutter dart so I know one or two things).

For me plasmic was super intuitive, I wouldn't do a thing differently about it. Designers did struggle a bit, as both only where making "drawings" in figma before, they barely used Webflow. And had wage understanding of responsive html.

On the way the support from guys was next level, whenever i had question or issue, they responded almost immediately. Thanks !

The final result built in less than a month of quite laid back work - paperfoods.eu (we don't ship outside the Netherlands so not really an ad).

There are 2 new projects lined up to be build. And yes i will use plasmic for both.

P.S. Note this tool is still free, so jump in while it is. But even when it will be paid, it will be worth every $ . Check them out - plasmic.app.

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