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Show HN: Recreating GitHub og:images with React.js and TailwindCSS (flayyer.com)
23 points by mrpatiwi 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

We realize how important is to have consistent link previews but not everyone has a Content Management System to take care of everything. Even if you are using one you are probably just taking an image that represents your content and nothing more.

This is when we want to give superpowers to your links and leverage the user network who loves your online website.

If you are a developer like me, you probably were surprised too when we saw the brand new link previews from GitHub on Twitter or on some Slack channels.

Here at Flayyer what we do is enabling companies to automate the image generation process for their social media and marketing channels.

I just wrote a blogpost to show how to create GitHub-like image previews. I appreciate any feedback or comments :)

If you want to create your own templates with flayyer.io just run `$ yarn create flayyer-app` to get you started

Hi, I just took a look at Flayyer and am a little confused. Is Flayyer an app that developers can use locally for free and Flayyer.com is the hosted version for everyone else?

At first glance, it looks like a Canva for social sharing cards, but then as I scroll down it looks very developer focused with the React/Vue templating. I guess I'm having trouble understanding what the main proposition is. Is it primarily a consumer facing app or a tool for developers, both? Either way it looks super useful. Awesome work!

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