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mobileexpert 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite

Seeing these types of dynamics happen to the wealthiest people in the world gives me some bit of grounding in the old phrase "Money cannot buy happiness."

Even the uber wealthy have relationship problems and clearly stacks of cash are not a solution. I wish the Gates family all the best in this tough time but personally feel a bit better about myself and the premise that I'm not the wealthiest person in the world because even if I were it wouldn't solve any problems I may be facing today.

Honestly, if you have that kind of money I think it comes with -more- problems rather than less.

> "Money cannot buy happiness."

Who said they're less happy apart than they were together? Maybe they're both happier this way.

Interesting. I wonder if there is something else about to drop and it gets as messy as Jeff Bezos' divorce? For his family sake I hope not.

Some couples handle this in a very professional manner when there isn't cheating involved. We know one couple where they mutually decided that it wasn't love any more so they went their separate ways. They still get along as friend though. So emotionally mature.

Well a big question is also the future of their foundation. They have achieved a lot with it and helped a great deal of people around the globe. So a messy divorce would have quite a wide range of implications. So I share your sentiment.

I saw some people on Twitter suggesting that this confirms rumors. I hadn't seen any rumors. Is there anything known or suspected about why they're splitting?

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