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Ask HN: Speech to Text Journal App
5 points by jimnotgym 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments
It occured to me that my drive home would be an excellent time to be able to record a journal of the days activities. I would love to see a transcription of what I said in my Onedrive, or some journalling application on my laptop when I got home. I suppose this is the equivalent of speaking into a dictaphone and giving it to my PA in the morning, except I have neither a PA nor a dictaphone! Does this exist in the market already?

Otherwise lets discuss the architecture of potential software solutions!

I’m working on this for iOS - I’ve recorded a daily voice memo journal for the last 1155 days, and when I finish the app, I’ll import all of them and let the speech to text take place.

My goal is to have a searchable record of my life, and a good excuse to reflect on my days. I’ll keep you posted!

Similar to Google, AWS offers speech to text transcription:


Whats there to architect? )

Google speech recognition API => export function

Not OP. I have tried this before. The quality of speech recognition drops steeply. Especially, if the topic is niche/not mainstream.


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