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ArkanExplorer 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite

I don't think editorials like these are really a good fit for HN. I think there's some interesting discussion to be had here, but maybe a link to some of the studies or articles referenced by the authors of the posted editorial, like the link below, is a better fit.


I know it's a bit presumptuous to say what should be on HN, but consider that the academic articles will probably be more evidence based and quantitative and that will probably provide a better discussion.

I've always thought this sounded like bullshit.

I recently went looking for the studies that support the "more diverse corporations perform better" statistic that I keep hearing cited and was unable to find any. I can't read the whole article, so maybe some studies are linked further down than I can see, but it's interesting that the evidence (thin or not) is so hard to find.

What I don't understand is why Jews are never listed in these diversity lists or even options when you're supposed to choose race on a form. At a total world wide population in the low millions, and one of the few (only?) combinations of race & religion, what better standard for minority could there be?

Doesn't fit the progressive narrative of oppressive whites? I shouldn't have to mention I'm not white to not give the impression that this has come from a salty white guy.

Any ideas on the idea that progressive initiatives like this one take hold when a company runs out of ideas? Or at least if its core idea that lead to its inital growth has been exhausted? Once that has happened, directors look at other ways to grow, and progressive initiatives is one way to hide from criticism that the company isn't growing as fast.

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