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bit.io, inc | Multiple Positions | Remote | https://bit.io

bit.io’s mission is to make data scientists and software engineers immediately productive, to remove obstacles to using data, and to make data more accessible. Join us in building a shareable cloud database where users can share their data with anyone in seconds just like a Google doc, query their data without worrying about compute or memory, and combine their data with a growing collection of immediately use-able open data. bit.io is transforming data in the same way GitHub transformed software and open source.

We're a seed-stage, well funded startup, 8 people right now and have just entered beta. We've solving hard problems in the database space and in the UX space, and we've got some really interesting engineering, data science, and special projects positions open.

Find out more about our open positions https://bit.io/jobs?hn

Feel free to reach me on here or adam at bit.io - I'm the CEO & Co-Founder.

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