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RECUR | Boston, Miami, Austin, Los Angeles | Engineering, Graphics, People, Marketing | Remote Forever | Full Time


RECUR designs and develops on-chain branded experiences allowing fans to buy, collect, and re-sell digital products and collectibles (NFTs). We recently raised $5M, the largest seed-raise to date in NFT industry history. We are building branded NFT fan experiences for global brands and the first is set to launch in Summer 2021.

RECUR is fundamentally changing the NFT market by creating and setting the standard for a decentralized recurring royalty. Though assets will default to Ethereum, RECUR will ultimately be blockchain agnostic creating the widest distribution and reach for NFTs minted on our platform. RECUR believes that NFTs will act as a gateway for the everyday consumer to enter the crypto space, making its opportunity for growth exponential for its partnered brands.

The raise was led by the Defi Alliance and includes investors and funds such as Joe Lubin (Founder of Ethereum) and Gemini (Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss) among many more.

If you are interested in fully remote work, blockchain, and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) there is no better place to join.



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