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reacHIRE.com | Web Front-End Developer | REMOTE (Concord, Massachusetts) | Full-time

The product: Aurora is a digital platform designed to help women early in their careers thrive and rise. It launched in early 2020 and we've got a lot more to build.

Who we are: reacHIRE, a startup that partners with forward-thinking companies to create gender-diverse environments where women thrive, advance, lead, and stay. We're a small team (< 10) looking to grow. We hire all kinds of people, so please apply even if you aren't female!

Background: The Aurora back end is built with Ruby on Rails. The front end is largely Rails as well for now, but new web UI will be built by you in ReactJS, and existing Rails-based views will be rewritten in ReactJS over time. There is also an Aurora mobile app built with React Native. As the Web Front End developer, you will collaborate with our mobile developer so that most new UI code will be cross-platform.

The full job description can be seen here: https://careersatreachire-reachire.icims.com/jobs/1280/front...

If you are an agency, please DO NOT contact me. No offense; I'm sure your agency is great, but it's just not what we're looking for right now.

For real applicants, feel free to reach out to me personally with questions! shouseholder at reachire.com

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