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Screening healthcare workers could serve early warning system for future viruses (rcsi.com)
29 points by rustoo 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

If your model suggests that healthcare workers' risk of early exposure to contagion is the same as the general population's risk, then your model is wrong.

For any contagion causing acute symptoms of significant concern, healthcare workers probably have a higher than average risk of being exposed before a novel contagion is identified, and that still holds if you move the window back to before the appearance of a distinct symptom cluster of concern is characterized.

Whenever I see comments like this, I always wonder..is this a person speaking from experience & expertise? Or is this just a software developer?

Your cynicism of me is reasonable and justified.

I urge that you continue to hold this cynicism for press released scientific papers (in general), and in particular for papers published in PLOS ONE, where you can pay to publish almost any content.

Where's your study that proves this?

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