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Tell HN: Feeling too old for fiddling with Linux?
15 points by RicoElectrico 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments
I think I know the real reason behind the fatigue:

The system utilities change completely so often compared to Windows.

Take networking in Ubuntu Server for example. In the past 5 years or so:

- networking is now controlled by systemd

- they introduced "predictable interface names" (so instead of wlan0 its wlp2s0)

- you use netplan to configure your interfaces

- wpasupplicant is no longer bundled as a default package (fuck whoever came up with this, how is one supposed to do without it with no wired options?)

While most of the changes are good in isolation, they make for a frustrating experience if you're not a Linux geek that follows them in real time.

All the knowledge I learned in the past is prone to invalidation after the next OS release. It's impossible to master something that's a moving target.

Absolutely. When I was an unemployed teenager I had all the time in the world to fuck around with configs and make myself feel smart, but I can't think of a bigger waste of time nowadays.

I switched to OpenBSD around the rise of systemd and haven't looked back. Everything, including wifi, works as you would expect.

Haven't touched Linux either since I tried FreeBSD many years ago. The whole BSD family is pure Zen in comparison.

> wpasupplicant is no longer bundled as a default package (fuck whoever came up with this, how is one supposed to do without it with no wired options?)

I haven't used the most recent versions of Ubuntu but maybe that has something to do with the fact that you chose to install Ubuntu Server. Servers don't typically have wireless network connections.

I had the same experience with Ubuntu server a couple of weeks ago. It's true servers don't often come with wireless as the sole connection, but I still found it surprising. I had to download the packages manually on another machine and use a flash drive to walk them over to the computer with Ubuntu Server. With virtually everything distributed via the Internet these days, connectivity is of foremost importance. Everything else can follow from being connected.

WPA supplicant and the other required package was a couple of megabytes, and I couldn't find it on the partially full 4.7GB DVD I used for installation either. This isn't some exotic technology that isn't usually found in homes and businesses, it's everywhere.

Funny, this type of shit you describe is why I quit Windows and Mac--unconsented changes in how everything works.

However, as you've noticed, many distros offer a similar or worse experience.

Keep trying, and go smaller. Even Mint is better than Ubuntu, for example, and many can install without systemd.

I still have a debian machine on my home network but gave up installing any linux on my primary engineering laptop. Mostly that was prompted by some windows only toolchains for an embedded device I was working on. Then I realised I just no longer have the time to chase down fixes for networking or the display on a laptop. I am not super happy with windows 10 pro but at least it gives me more time for working.

I use Windows since I can get everything I really need done via WSSL. I also like gaming, Linux gaming is never going to match Windows.

Red hat want to turn Linux into windows like system.

Switch to `Gentoo` linux. Initial installation takes time but its worth learning.

Also, i have heard good reviews for `GNU GUix`. Didn't tried it so far

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