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Excited about iOS 5? Join Nowmov (YC W10) to unleash the potential of AirPlay
on June 27, 2011 | hide
Wish you were part of the team that defined the Flipboard app experience? Well here is your chance to set a new standard for mobile video experience.

Nowmov is building a first-class team to define the best video viewing experience on mobile. Our founder is an ex-Apple employee and Y Combinator graduate (Winter 2010); Thomas was responsible for Apple's H.264 encoder implementation. We are angel-funded, and our seed round was led by SV Angel.

We are currently looking to hire a MOBILE ENGINEER and a MOBILE DESIGNER to help us become the name for mobile video.



* Shipped and iterated on iOS applications

* Willing to lead our mobile effort

* Can't wait to start building for iOS 5 (Twitter integration and AirPlay)

* Great hacker with an eye for design and usability

* Rails and Android experience a HUGE plus



* Have shipped iOS applications.

* Interactive design is a HUGE plus; What we do is all about UX.

* Excited about the iOS 5 AirPlay potential.

* Get the Apple way; All their subtle interaction and UX decision amazed you.

Join us to disrupt the mobile video entertainment industry. Email a short resume with links to your projects to jobs@nowmov.com. We will buy your apps to check out your work!

Still not convinced? Please drop us a line at tpun@nowmov.com and let me convince you!

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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