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Show HN: Browser-based audio extractor tool (mastershot.app)
42 points by jackbeck 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments

The warning that it loads only on Chromium based browsers loads off the screen on an iPhone so it looks like a blank page until you scroll down. Would be a quick fix.

Thanks for that, I’m on it.

Hey HN, This is the first of many media oriented tools I plan on creating that are focused on user privacy. With this tool, you can extract audio from any video. Currently it only supports Chrome or Chromium based browser seeing as the underlying tech uses SharedArrayBuffer.

> Currently it only supports Chrome or Chromium based browser seeing as the underlying tech uses SharedArrayBuffer

...which Firefox supports. You already properly cross-origin isolate your website, so it is already available on it.

Funny to see this mentioned. Just this morning I was struggling to get ffmpeg-wasm working on Firefox. It should theoretically be possible with HTTPS and configured headers:

  Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
  Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp
Related links:

Does not work in Firefox 79+ because SharedArrayBuffer is undefined - https://github.com/ffmpegwasm/ffmpeg.wasm/issues/106

SharedArrayBuffer: Planned changes to shared memory - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Refe...

Yeah, I get an error saying something like f.asm is undefined and the maintainer is MIA. I’m taking a look at creating a form of the project and seeing what can be done at some point.

There seems to be an issue with compiling FFmpeg to wasm which prevents it from working on Firefox

I was super disappointed when Apple removed support for SharedWorkers…. Seems SharedArrayBuffer could have easily been part of Safari.

I’m working on a solution for this, I hope to have this working cross browser within a week.

I have a version up that in theory should support Safari (both desktop and mobile). The only limitation at the moment is that there's no progress indicator.

Edit: limitation is gone, it should work 100% now

> ... that are focused on user privacy. ... Currently it only supports Chrome or Chromium

To me, that is an obvious contradiction.

Believe me, I feel the same way. I launched the first version of this tool to gauge interest. As we speak a new version has gone up with complete cross-browser support. Although it isn’t easy that the browser with the most privacy issues has the most features...

That's a feature of Google's web dominance - they can churn out tons of features which means their competitors have to expend most of their productive output just to keep parity.

When you download the audio file, its just called download.mp3

It should instead keep the name of the video file, and just have the mp3 extension. It looks like you already have this filename in the preview audio player widget.

Also, there doesn't seem to be any caching of the files. Might be good to look in to something for that as well.

Yeah, that seems pretty easy to accomplish.

What do you mean by file caching?

Does this use the tabCapture API? Last I tried that it limited the audio quality quite a bit.

This does not use tabCapture for any audio processing. As far as I know tabCapture is only available in extension context.

Why? ffmpeg can do that, no need for a limited web app.

That's 100% true. For some people. People who have ffmpeg installed would know doubt find it easier to enter the command for this, but the majority of people don't have it downloaded. More than that, most people don't find CLIs to be the most intuitive interfaces out there so I figured creating a GUI interface would be helpful.

Technically speaking, ffmpeg could accomplish 99% of what I'm building at https://mastershot.app/, but GUI > CLI for most people.

Why does it only work on chromium?

It theoretically should also work with Firefox, but for some reason that I haven’t yet discovered it’s not working. It requires SharedArrayBuffer to be enabled on the browser and that’s currently only Chrome/FF.

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