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Ask HN: How do I help my friend get his first tech job?
2 points by SeyelentEco 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
I've been a dev for awhile and I have a friend who's around 30 and wants to be a software dev. I started talking to him about it a few years ago and I helped him learn Android dev and basics of CS. If his path early on would've been different he definitely would've been a software engineer, just didn't get that opportunity and hes been an electrician (non-union) most of his life. He's got a family so can't just quit to do a boot camp, but based on talking to him I think he's got the aptitude to learn on the job quickly. Unfortunately I don't know how to help him break in. Are there entry level, junior engineer , or tester roles for non-recent college grads? I think he'd take a job making less than what he's making to break in but everything I see is asking for several years of experience or a degree.

He's looking for something remote or in Honolulu because that's where his family is.

Has anyone done this or helped anyone go through this? Do I help him just get good at coding interviews or help him create some Android apps?

30+ year old electrician with a family living in Hawaii wants a new career in software dev? Maybe head over to Zuckers compound?

Anyways, I would say "Don't quit your day job" and get working on a side hustle in software dev, if they like android dev then they should start there. Find a niche that they can offer a service or product and promote the hell out if it.

I still find it incredible that someone working as an electrician in Hawaii would want to change careers. I guess it's true that "You don't know what You have until it's gone and the grass is always greener"

It's not about the money but the type of work. He seems bored and software dev is something that he's likes but can't dedicate decent amount of time to it because of family requirements. I was hoping an entry level job might give him enough time to focus on learning and pay enough to take care of his family obligations.

OIC, Well after contemplating on your question, I think the best solution would be to help him develop an android app or tool that would assist electricians do their jobs. Possibly a calculator or database front end, it would combine his experience as an electrician and his interest in software dev into a profitable niche...just my 2 cents.


Hire him yourself. Give him some small projects to get going with.

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