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Ask HN: Startup Ideas
8 points by psikomanjak 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

I'm assuming you're asking for some ideas, or about how to think of them. I could give you a list of a thousand ideas but it doesn't really matter unless you're passionate about them.

Instead I would focus on an issue that you've experienced, perhaps something that you find annoying and can build a solution for. It's highly likely that someone else has the same problem as you and is willing to pay for a solution to it. You get two benefits, one is that it's something that you've experienced so you're probably passionate about building a solution for it, and second it's a problem that exists instead of creating a solution in chase of a problem.

This article gets posted a lot, but I think it's worth a good read.


This blog post helped me a lot as well. It helped me get better as seeing problems and thinking of solutions to them:


Related: Problems are Goldmines - Peter H. Diamandis

> https://www.diamandis.com/blog/problems-are-goldmines

Hi, I didnt bought a domain yet and no https and its all in finished but have a look lol http://ideatron.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html

very nice

maybe combine the badly rated projects with trending ideas from https://insightrend.com/ ?

damn this looks nice

:) thx i should buy a domain today or over the weekend and continue my work.

Do you scrape the data? If yes, is it within their TOS?

I 2nd the obvious notion of trying to fix a problem. But this is a loaded question. There is a million answers to this single question all stemming from who/what/where/when you want to find a solution for. Like everyone else, I have a billion ideas but one thing to try and it does work that I learned from Amazon is working backwards from the problem, then do the obvious of cost analysis short term then long depending on if you're trying to make money right away or aggregate a critical mass first before trying to figure out how to make money. Of course the obvious notion is one doesn't need money but the 2nd options needs much up front ie. organic growth or get VC funding for all out blitz.

Also go on reddit, HN commenters don't vent here, but you can find plenty of venting on reddit. You will no doubt find problems to resolve and if that isn't enough. There is even a sub for startup app ideas where people for the most part not capable of developing it themselves come there to "vent" why isn't there an app that does ...... ?

Gears are expensive, why not figure out how to make them in quantity one with no setup costs, no need for an inventory of specialized cutting tool? No need to pay Gleason $500+ just to tell you how to set up your own machine?

Or... figure out a mechanism that allows power skivving of bevel gears?

Or at least an open source hardware project that allows people to make precision gears at home, so they don't have to pay $50 for something that should be possible for far less.

I like this, but gears are hard, because they need to be hard (and reasonably precise).

You can make toy gears with a 3D printer, but for any meaningful amount of torque transmission you need hard contact surfaces against each other which usually means metal, and forged, case-hardened metal.

If your contact surfaces are not perfectly in contact at all times (they never are) then you need something hard and also tough to absorb backlash in the geartrain.

I made gears for 5 years, and did IT and electronics before that. The problem with making a gear (qty 1) is the setup. If you don't have 5 axis CNC and the right set of software and cutting tools, you're stuck with old machines that require a huge inventory of cutters, and setup times just for gear cutting in the order of half a day's work... for a single part.

Once you cut the part, then you send it off to hardening, get it back and then grind it to final dimensions, for a really, really good gear.

I want to make it possible for a job shop, or someone in their garage, to be able to turn out any given spur, helical, or bevel gear. I believe the low cost CNC controllers and open source software can be leveraged to make a machine to do this for less than $1000.

Hardening is outside the scope of the project, but grinding is just cutting by different means, and should also be possible.

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