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Ask HN: Which CSS Framework to Choose?
9 points by deccanchargers 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments
I am valuating which CSS Framework to choose for my Vuejs project.

Bootstrap has js components (i would like it to be js agnostic) and doesn't have dark mode feature.

Bulma doesn't look good imo. Also,i feel it to be limited.

Tailwind css looks good. I prototyped it for my project. But, HTML looks unnecessarily messy and verbose.

Other CSS frameworks are either dead or not properly maintained.

Which one are you using? should i ditch CSS framework and style using raw CSS? I am confused now.

Asking what framework to use is like asking what kind of haircut to get. It depends on what you want it to look like.

If you are already versed in CSS you can certainly use raw CSS. The nature of CSS is also you can also replace it later with not too much trouble.. Naming conventions is key though, I would read up on that.

I would not choose any framework, instead creating my own and if possible a component library to support it.

Having good standards to create your CSS (naming conventions and file structure (ITSS) is fundamental, but in the end you will have something that fits so much better than a 3rd party framework.

Why does it matter if the HTML is messy and verbose if it otherwise meets your requirements? You can use Bootstrap without any JavaScript at all, and you could implement Dark Mode via CSS and/or JavaScript.

I have the same problem every time I start a new project. I’ve tried Tailwind, but it takes too much time for me to style something normal. Material UI/Vuetify have a lot of shadows which don’t look good. Recently I tried Ant Design (for React, haven’t tried for Vue) and it looks quite good and it’s easy to use.

Check out basscss.com. First off, you don't want any framework that uses JS like Bootstrap because if you're using vue or react that really screws things up. Basscss I feel hits the sweet spot that lets you easily develop the look and feel you want vs a canned one.

For the record you can use bootstrap, without the JS.

What is the result?

May be you are over thinking. You don't need to use Bootstrap JS. Just use the css and write your own JS in vue. For my project, I use the following :

- Vuejs

- Element UI (for JS components in vue)

- Bootstrap for css

I think you need to come up with your list of requirements.

- Dark Mode

But beyond that I'm not sure what your requirements are.

- Themable

- Simple

- Doesn't make HTML too verbose

- Isn't Dead

- Easy

- Modern(legacy support must not be obstacle towards adopting modern features)

tailwind components for $150?

Don't use a framework.

tailwind for quick responsive breakpoints

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