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I find it amusing that they call Lulzsec out for being childish, then think it's relevant to post the personal information of some dude's sister (and cry "LESBOZ!!!" because she's married to another girl).

Reddit has rules against posting personal information. Does this website not? I really have little interest in websites that think it's ok to spread people's personal data. Weren't we mad at Sony and Lulzsec for allowing that sort of thing to happen?

Do you mean PasteBin or HN? If you mean HN, this isn't spreading anything, it's linking to it. And if the community had a problem with linking to the contents, it would have been flagged to death already.

I agree the childish aspect of it all is amusing, but it's not unexpected.

I think everyone who upvotes this, or links to it, or spreads it, is a giant hypocrite.

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