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There are some odd problems with this document:

1) The timeline in the beginning is incorrect. #11 shows Laurelai was part of the HBGary attack. Yet in the #hq logs, Sabu had no idea who Laurelai was (and raged on him/her pretty hard). 2) Kayla is the only member that the A Team does not dox. However, the Laurelai/NA conversation contains a reference to the Xyrix = Kayla idea (which is referenced in many other places). Xyrix' denials are weak.

Yeah FYI sabu and topiary hate me, and im pretty sure Aaron Barr is behind this nonsense, oh and the logs of me are made up, i think ill sue Mr. Barr.

Never spoken to a lawyer I take it. Free legal advice: stop typing. An hour ago. "I think I'll sue" = I've never consulted legal counsel.

If I were you I would be laying low instead of registering on every site discussing you and writing stuff like this. Specifically to HN we don't really care about intra-kiddie drama and if you are genuinely considering legal action you've already screwed your case in a lot of ways.

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