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They aren't proof, but they might be enough (I am not a lawyer) for a search warrant for email addresses, person's homes, and phone/ISP records of the people named in the "d0x."

Totally agree with you there, it's all going to depend on what's found in the houses. If they find evidence in the houses it's all going down.

A friend of mine a long time ago back in the 90s beat one of these things because they didn't have a warrant. Cops came to his parents place while he was out. Parent's let them in, they found a bunch of telco manuals, seized the computers, everything in the room was inadmissible because he was renting the room from his parents. He was a lucky guy. He also stopped bitching that his parents made him start paying rent.

Why did that make the evidence inadmissible? Was it because it wasn't their room any more, and therefore the FBI didn't have a right to be there?

I feel that's pretty self evident in context. Your landlord doesn't have the right to let the cops in to search your place.

Most importantly, if a random group posting to pastebin can find them, the FBI has got to be able to, too.

To be fair, a random group posting to patebin isn't limited by things like "probable cause" "search warrants" and "lawful behavior".

They admit in the document to "backhacking" the targets, which already puts them at an advantage against law enforcement.

edit: s/probably/probable (it's late)

LEO can and does get warrants to do intrusions for identification purposes


They also have a high standard of evidence, before they can go to trial. Otherwise, they are better just observing, and waiting for more evidence to reveal itself. Once you shoot your mouth off, the suspect stops making mistakes.

The FBI is not good at finding [good] computer hackers. They have to outsource or bring somebody in who actually knows what the hell they're doing. And those people are not necessarily very good at it.

That's a question I would really like to know the answer to. I'm not so sure that's the case.

Law enforcement doesn't need warrants for that. The companies will hand them over willingly.

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