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  * mentions HBGary a lot
  * focuses on people who have been previously associated with the HBGary hack
  * shows special disdain for kayla and sabu & seems to be personally offended
  * likes to link people to their social networking profiles
  * only non-skiddie name mentioned is Barr's
  * obviously works (worked?) in infosec
  * previously in the military? (ALPHA MIKE FOXTROT = Adios Mother Fuckers)
Gee, I wonder who the author might be...

Yeah it was probably Aaron Barr, he did threaten me and if you look at http://wikileaks.org/IMG/pdf/WikiLeaks_Response_v6.pdf that this si the exact same tactics they use, i wrote articles for crowdleaks.org about some of his illegal activities and he got very angry.

Oh and in case you missed it http://www.thehackernews.com/2011/06/lulzsec-jester-expose-e... they removed my info from it because they know its not true

Wonder if the spelling mistakes are strategically placed then. Or does Mr. Barr really spell that way. He's like a 40+ year old married guy.

According to his quotes in [1], yeah, he really does spell and write that way, even in professional communication. It's kind of sad.

[1] http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/02/how-one-secu...

He's been pretending to be kids for years. He definitely fancies himself able to play the role (and I find him all the creepier because of it).

OT: There another comment here by trotsky here and now it's gone without a [deleted] placeholder, and I have show dead on. Just curious, I guess there is a perm delete admin functionality? Also didn't seem worthy of deletion..

While I wouldn't be surprised if it got deleted, if you elect to delete your own post, there's no placeholder left behind if there's no reply.

I deleted it, it was redundant.

>>...so your invincable.

He is an older man, married, that talks like a 14 yr old boy on the computer with words like "leet" and "pwn" even in company emails. Very sad to make the true hackers look illiterate.

Barr? No way, they have been snitchin on each other and in wars when Ryan took over the anon IRC. Then he D0x'd people, then they him, I am supprised he did not go into hiding months ago.

Created: 22 minutes ago. Posted: 19 minutes ago. Welcome to HN, Mr. Barr. :P

Thank you for having me.

James Patterson

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