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> Hansson’s response to this employee took aback many of the workers I spoke with. He dug through old chat logs to find a time when the employee in question participated in a discussion about a customer with a funny-sounding name. Hansson posted the message — visible to the entire company — and dismissed the substance of the employee’s complaint.

This is not how any leader should behave. It's a childish passive aggressive bullying power move by the most powerful person at a company. It's disrespectful to that employee by the person at the top of the ladder. That sends waves of signals to everyone else and that alone to me would be a reason for DHH to resign because how are employees supposed to work respectfully with each other if their leader is so openly disrespecting another employee who is in a huge power imbalance to him.

That's extremely poor behaviour to say the least.

At first I thought the same as you. But, after reading the OP, his response doesn't doesn't seem as bad as it was made out to be. IMHO.

Yeah, that didn't come off as dismissive in the least. It's a thoughtful ~500 word response.

It sure is, which I believe is why they decided to implement this policy. They realized even they can get dragged down into toxic behavior (name calling and accusing others of bad behavior publicly). Its better to eliminate the possibility altogether.

You should read the original text pasted in DHH's post. I read it twice and I have no clue how the text can be described as such, or prompt a visit to HR.

And yet there was a prompt visit to HR. The text is also clearly redacted, so we actually don't know what the original said.

Yes, because the histrionic employee decided to do it. HR, external lawyers, dismissed it.

Having read the letter they reported it's clear the employee is fucking nuts.

Cui bono. Who does HR and external lawyers serve?

In general, they serve the company but not necessarily the human leaders inside the company. Plenty a CEO, even a founder, has been shown the door (when justified) after investigations like this.

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