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Having a list of "best names ever" is always inappropriate in a professional setting. But unless it is purposely being done for, say, racist reasons this is really just people being silly. The appropriate action is to tell people to delete it and not to do that again then to move on. End of story.

It's sad and scary that we've reached a point as a society where this can even begin to become such an issue and where a company like Basecamp can be dragged into the current inquisitionist atmosphere. Best wishes to DHH and team.

I keep wondering, not even the fucking pandemic has managed so far to set some people’s priorities straight.

Yep, instead of setting priorities straight, the pandemic has instead become a tool to wield against each other in service of preexisting priorities. I'm sure I am guilty of it too. It's just an unfortunate side effect of how our society has divided ourselves up into highly dogmatic and rigid tribes.

More time indoors and online to get caught up in this drama?

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