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Programming languages: JavaScript has most developers; Rust is fastest growing (zdnet.com)
17 points by MCOfficer 15 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

I'm confused about what the article is actually saying here:

> Python is the fastest growing language with more than six million developers, according to SlashData

> SlashData, however, notes that Rust and Lua were the two fastest growing programming language communities in the past 12 months, albeit from a lower base than Python.

Is this talking about growth relative to the language's previous numbers? I wish this linked some more specific information on this data.

What I think would be more telling is to see some historical comparisons, i.e. how does Rust's current growth rate compare to other languages when they were Rust's current size? That way we could compare apples to apples.

There must be a language with fewer user than rust that is more "faster growing"

Rust always makes me so sad because it's vastly better designed than the languages I use day-to-day, but I just have no opportunity to use it in a professional capacity where I'm at now.

Don't worry. There are more and opportunities. I feel that Rust enables a paradigm shift in application development. When people realise that they dont need cloud infrastructure to do 90% of the stuff they will move to languages like Rust and Go.

Not sure what you mean, can you clarify? How do other languages require cloud infra?

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