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I just finished my first year of Uni.

I'm spending the summer at an intership, where I'm writing very low level code. (For example, right now, I'm writing a utility to arping an address range. I've learned all about OSI, ethernet interfaces [I'm using BPFs [1]], etc.).

In my free time, I'm playing with opencv. For example, here [2] is an image I took of myself, ran through an edge detector, ran again through a distance transformer. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

I also know how to configure a LAMP [3], but that's nowhere near as interesting as the previous two paragraph.s

[1] http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=bpf&apropos=0&#...

[2] http://michaelbrindle.com/images/meDistTrans.jpg

[3] in my case: FreeBSD, Lighttpd, mysql, and python, so... FLMP

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