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For those who say that 37signals has allowed Basecamp to stagnate, I'd trot out as exhibit A the changelog: http://basecamphq.com/changes

Being very deliberate about making sweeping changes to an application with an extremely large number of very satisfied users is not the same as allowing it to stagnate. Having spent 4 years of my life working at 37signals I know first hand the incredible amount of energy that is devoted to it by an extremely talented team.

That said, it's certainly not for everyone. And if you outgrow it, fantastic, feel free to move onto a new product that suits you better. We do this with many other aspects of our lives, why should software be any different?

I love the idea of that change history for each 37signals app.

We're trying to be very open with our own product, but often very small fixes or changes don't make sense as an announcement on the blog.

Does anyone know where Basecamp links to this change history page? The only link to it so far I can find is from their blog: http://productblog.37signals.com/products/2009/10/basecamp-a...

Change log for Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire: http://37signals.com/changes

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