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When a user shares content through an application, you should not penalize the application itself when someone hides that content. I am almost positive this is a large reason why these bans are happening. It is a ridiculous measure of spamminess.

The problem, I imagine, is that many games provide incentives for posting stuff on other people's walls. That's clearly spam, but also technically initiated by the user.

...And many apps don't make it 100% clear that wall spam is going to be the consequence of your choice, or that not sending spam is an option.

Send spam: "Click big happy green button to share!"

Don't spam: "Click tiny, scary 'X', which is followed by deliberately confusing confirmation, 'Are you sure you don't want to continue?".

They just keep asking you over and over; eventually you either mis-click or give in.

Technically incentives are not allowed, but most apps resort to emotional tricks. Best applied psychology experiment ever.

Wait until you deactivate your facebook account.

Then you get some real guilting. Your friends will miss you. Why don't you send some messages now to let them know you're leaving. Awful.

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