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> We turned on a new enforcement system yesterday that took user feedback much more heavily into account.


> My apologies for the suddenness of the action. The numbers were high enough to cause a real loss of trust in applications, which can impact the entire platform.

—remind me of this talk, well worth reading:


It's openly biased toward the developer who feels wronged, but the point that should get across is: if your business depends facebook to provide you with a userbase, then you bought into a game where you have no bargaining power.

I don't mean to troll facebook or developers using its platform when I say this, but it's high time everyone in the social app scene started treating platform lock-in as a huge threat, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

That's right, because of

a) the effective monopoly of facebook in the space,

b) of the secretive facebook-zynga deal and

c) of the sheer size of the developer community who depend on the platform financially and the investments on it

In the current size of facebook (3/4 of a billion), the excuse "but it's a free platform" is not exactly valid. Unfortunately, due to lack of a common standard (opensocial failed) and organization on the part of developers, its imposible to set a strategy. App developers have no protection against the provider.

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