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> Don´t know what to do. I am desperate. This app is my company´s single product. The business impact is huge. No warnings. No specifics.


Now imagine Google dropping you from the index for whatever reason.

How many of us here would be wiped out?

A business that's dependant on a single channel or platform for more than 20% of its revenue/profit is not a real business as much as it is a sugardaddy's dependent?

Being your own bitch is better than someone else.

Not really sure where you're going with that.

A) Standard employee B) Self-employed but at complete mercy of a company (facebook) which does not know you even exist, who's everyday change of mood could wipe you out

Does not really sound like much was gained going from A to B.

With A you're simply lost (in life). With B you're blind.

Yes, both A and B is still consider as someone's else b*tch

Ideally, the best option is to find your own niche without relying "too much" on other's platform.

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