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How come no witches ever show up to our witchhunt?

The vast majority of fb employees wouldn't know anything about this. They couldn't say anything except something w/o any knowledge and cause more problems.

Moreover, the vast majority of Facebook employees aren't going to be /empowered/ to say anything about this. I sure as hell am never going to make any statements on behalf of any company I work for.

That's a very fair point - HN is vastly more hostile to Facebook than it is to Google, so it makes more sense that Googlers would pop in to calm things down.

I'm sure the hostility has nothing to do with the lack of response, the screw-ups, or the handling of the situation in general ...

But, I probably shouldn't even be in this thread, because I think that building a huge user base that relies on someone else's closed & fickle platform is a hilarious thing to do.

I truly believe its down to a deep misstrust of facebook and Zuckerberg which started from day 0 of facebook.

I'm stunned that a site full of developers might be hostile to a site that has facebook's track record with developers. Stunned.

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