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Thast why i would never rely on closed platform.

I will never waste my resource in build apps that solely rely on closed commercial entities like facebook, apple. If they choose to ban/block/delete you then all of your hard-work is gone in a second and will leave your users unhappy.

and this can happen to any of us

Especially if your app was offering something that Facebook plans to launch itself if a few days. Basically you've been doing marketing research for them. When you're not longer needed, they kick you out.

Is your site just future feature of Google? They provide us with 80% of our traffic and have launched features that directly compete with us.

It doesn't only happen on "closed" platforms.

True, It can happen on any platform, but at least you will get time to improve your app + add new features + fight with biggies while they are trying to copy from you.

On facebook and Apple they will just kill your app in a day.

Google could drop you from results, but yeah I get your point.

but you can still get people to your site through any means (not just Google). If you build a Facebook or Twitter app, and either of those companies compete with you, change their apis, ban you, your company is pretty much finished.

This is why I don't waste any time writing those kind of apps.

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