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The roadblock system? Yeah, it's really flawed. I got roadblocked for logging on to my account from a Swedish IP (through a VPN; I live in the UK). It took me something like 10 tries to get through because I don't obsessively study my friends' photos like Facebook expects me to.

I went through that. The best part is that you have to know what the kids of your former high school classmates look like to pass. Given that I haven't seen most of them in 15 years, I have no idea what their kids look like. It was utterly aggravating.

to be fair they do this as a security measure, not to piss you off

How about I chainlock your front door because someone thought he saw a burgler in the neighbourhood. I have the key and am always available down to block. Not to piss you off, just as a security measure.

I know, but it's rubbish and they do piss users off. It's like a bank obstructing the entrance until you give them the amount of 10 previous deposits in your account. There's got to be a better way.

Or the TSA's base argument for their actions. At some point the friction from this type of stuff leaves a oppurtunity for the next guy.

What does this have to do with anything? Forcing users to change their passwords every 15 days to a 15 to 30 character password composed of no dictionary words, mixed upper- and lower-case letters, special symbols (except '^' and '$') and at least four numbers that do not appear in their SSN or birth date is a security measure too. Doesn't mean it's sensible or even reliable security.

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