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pavel_lishin 1028 days ago | link | parent

I'm sorry that Facebook fucked you over like that - but this is also an excellent reminder to be mindful of backups. Throwing something on facebook or Flickr doesn't count.

anthony_franco 1028 days ago | link

Just to clarify, these photos were uploaded directly into the user's own Facebook albums. They viewed the photos outside of the scope of our application, along with all their other Facebook photos. It was these photos that were deleted when our application was banned.

Even if we had backups, it wouldn't mean much. Facebook revoked our OAuth access. So we're unable to re-upload the photos for our users.


pavel_lishin 1028 days ago | link

Oh, I didn't mean from your end - I meant that I, as a Facebook user, shouldn't assume my photos are safe just because they're in an FB album.

And, really? They deleted photos that the users uploaded themselves? Or did they go through your app to do so?

Either way, I'd be pissed. And they wouldn't care. :/


nym 1028 days ago | link

This is exactly why I'm contributing to the Locker Project. I personally have data on tribe.net I'm concerned about losing.

I could write a scraper myself, but I know a ton of people who feel the same way. These are people who aren't programmers but would personal copies of the digital snowflakes they've created on that site. It's far more useful to build a Locker connector that anyone can use to sync their contacts, messages, photos, etc.


ctide 1028 days ago | link

We hope to help solve at least the backup component of this at: http://lockerproject.org/. This just helps reinforce, in our eyes, that we need to push hard to get this in front of people as soon as possible.


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