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Tampermonkey: Greasemonkey for Android (android.com)
26 points by there on June 24, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I don't own an Android device - The 'Install' button there would seem to indicate that you can install this right now on your Android device and it works with the default browser.

Is that correct? So this basically means, Android's browser (is it called Chrome? Or something else?) has support for plugins, right?

One of the comments asks for Flash support, so it seems like it replaces, rather than enhances the standard browser.

On the other hand, Android lets you select a different app as the default browser so the difference isn't really that material except for if the two browsers differ in some way e.g. support for Flash, or if you use one of the geekier 3rd party browsers with more involved UIs.

I installed this on my Nexus One assuming it would install as a plugin to the standard browser. Instead, it is a browser by itself with the greasemonkey functionality baked in.

Android's browser is NOT Chrome. I think it doesn't have a name other than "Android Browser". And yes, it seems like it is extensible, although I am not sure how it works.

Of course, that's what Flash is after all.

Oh, right. I forgot that Flash can work on the Android Browser.

This could allow to build an ad-blocker for the default android browser, right?

Any tips on which scripts would be particularly useful on Android?

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