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Terrible interface. I entered "password" and it told me "It looks like your passwords may be safe. No instances of compromise are recorded in this database. However, it's good practice to change your critical passwords regularly and ensure they are not re-used across multiple sites."

Why did I not enter an e-mail address like the light text in the input box says? Well, I let myself mislead by the header image.

You know it clearly says to enter your email address in the input field, right? Of course "password" hasn't shown up in the databaseā€¦it's not an email address.

It's not clear at all. The only information that you should provide your email is that placeholder, which on my monitor is barely visible. The name and information is very misleading. Seriously, i think many people will enter their passwords there (at least those type of people who don't know they shouldn't provide passwords anywhere ).

Its true, a small number of people enter their passwords. The site has been updated with a quick check to prevent such behaviour. Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, re-read my last sentence.

I enter "1234" and "123456" Both said my passwords are safe.

I think not!

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