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This reminds me of the story from a few years ago when Diebold got itself in trouble for showing pictures of their voting machine keys online: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=4066#more-4066

This also has me thinking about the "Light Field" story from two days ago. ( http://www.hackerne.ws/item?id=2681554 ) If that technology becomes common, and camera resolutions continue to improve, I bet you could lift people's thumbprints from photos of them waving on Flickr. That sucks if you use a biometric thumb lock like they do in the shared office space I work out of.

Your thumbprint is like a password which you can never change. If your thumbprint appears in a single photo of you ever, there's no locksmith that can help you get that JPEG back from Lulzsec! :-)

Thumbprints are for casual identification, NOT for security. Biometrics are a hash, and like your garage-door opener, millions of people have the same thumbprint biometric as you have.

> for showing pictures of their voting machine keys online

But how do you not show something online? If it can be seen, it can be photographed. If it can be photographed, anyone can put it online.

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