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For the record, TF2 runs excellently on WINE and that's how I play it. Don't let the non-Linuxness of the game put you off.

Aw crap, there goes my weekend! I won't even have to boot Windows to try it.

Steam runs, but I can't seem to get TF2 to work on Wine.

What's the issue? Console log + any records of errors please. You can bring this up on the appdb comments page for TF2, where I am a moderator.

Uhoh. This will not be good for my productivity...

How do you install it in Linux? Is there Steam for Linux that binds things up in WINE?

The Windows Steam client works fine in the current version of WINE.

To install Steam on Linux:

    1) Download the Windows installer from http://store.steampowered.com/about/

    2) Open up a terminal and run `wine msiexec /i /path/to/SteamInstall.msi`

    3) Install Steam as you would in Windows

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