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But Nokia have an app store, and there are plenty of apps on it. I bought apps from the Nokia store and some of them I use everyday. s2putty, the app I used the most, is free (and a million times better than anything you can kludge on iOS).

Apps are better on Symbian than they are on iOS they're just not as shiny.

I disagree.

A certain category of Symbian apps may be better than their iOS equivalents, but some other categories such as games are way better on Apple devices, and this situation is not going to change tomorrow. The fact that game studios are right now hiring iOS (and Android) developers is a sign. Even here in Japan, I've been seeing more and more job offers for iOS developers, while I can't recall any Symbian offer.

There are also the social apps that tend (at least from a personal point of view) to be much more usable on iOS than on Symbian. Take the Facebook app as an example.

Maybe s2putty is better than Prompt for iOS, but is it really a million times better ? You may not be the target for those 400'000 apps, but saying Symbian apps are better is not right.

Whilst you make a valid point, the N9 doesn't run Symbian, it runs MeeGo/Harmattan/Maemo (or whatever they're calling it now), which is based on Debian. Nokia's Ovi store for Maemo has just a handful of apps. There's also about 2000 lovely open source programs in the repositories but not many people count them as they're non-commercial.

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