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Ask HN: Python's place in the freelance and/or gig economy
1 point by chirau 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite
I am curious to know what Python ends up being used for by Python freelancers. I know what it is used for in a full time role but i can only imagine what are the typical use cases for Python for gig workers, i.e short-term, temporary, one-off tasks.

I want to imagine maybe automation would be popular. What kind of automation though? In full time or recurrent roles, it's be maybe test automation and devops but do such opportunities exist in the gig economy? I can't see such tasks being outsourced in most orgs. I could be wrong.

On to web development. Is Flask really a popular tool for freelancers? I'd imagine people using JS, React WordPress, SquareSpace before going the Python way. Or maybe Django? API development, I see a lot of people defaulting to JS and Golang etc.

Scientific computing, is that even popular in the gig economy?

It would seem to me, again I could be wrong, that the gigs that end up using python a lot would be some sort of data scraping, aggregation and maybe cleaning. That's where I think it is a clear cut first choice in a somewhat popular gig economy task.

I have no idea about Python in the crypto space and whether crypto is even a popular gig field.

I guess the summary question is, what common areas of the gig economy is Python popular and lucrative?

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