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I think it's great and a big improvement over what used to happen (you had to either attend WWDC or pay astronomical amounts of money) but I still don't get why Apple insists on putting any kind of barrier between developers and information on how to develop on Apple's platform.

Microsoft makes the talks from their conferences, like PDC, freely available few days after the conference.

Google goes even further by live streaming some of the talks (as in this year's Google I/O conference).

Apple can't seem to break free from their "top secret, control freak" approach even when it doesn't seem to make any sense.

What do you mean? All of the WWDC videos are available for free today, less than two weeks after the end of the conference.

OTOH, I am now in the odd situation where I can view the videos about iOS 5 as a free account developer, but I can't view any of the web pages: "You must be enrolled in the iOS Developer Standard or Enterprise Program to access the development resources for iOS SDK beta."

They are not freely available as in: first you have to register with Apple as a developer and you can only view them after you log in with your developer account.

I'm not even sure if they are free. There used to be a way to become register developer for free, at the lowest tier, but didn't Apple change the rules in the last year or so and you have to pay $99/year for mac developer program and $99/year for iOS developer program, so to access all the videos you actually have to pay $200/year?

Yes, it's terrible that Apple wants you to register for free to download the videos about developing for their platforms from their site; they owe it to you to provide the videos without a login, which is indeed free.

All of the videos are available without paying Apple anything.

There's still a free tier; and all of the videos are accessible to those who are not members of the paid programs (but are registered under the free one).

> to access all the videos you actually have to pay $200/year?

No. To access all the videos you actually have to pay $0, same as last year.

The $99 registration fee is not for the videos (that's for app store distribution, access to the betas, restricted documentation, etc). You can register for free at http://developer.apple.com/programs/register/ and that'll give you access to the WWDC session videos.

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