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As I'm sure Jason knows -- the iOS app store actually has over 400,000 apps. But at 200,000 was it a poor shell of its current self?

The problem with Mac vs PC in the old days was threefold:

1) Device drivers

2) Enterprise LOB apps (think VB)

3) Games.

These three concerns actually probably played a much larger role than app availability in the mid-90s. Apple stagnating the late 90s made it a no brainer. But now with OS X (1) has been knocked off the table. Notice no one talks about the much larger PC app ecosystem. Because it really doesn't matter once you get beyond a reasonable number of apps on the platform.

For this reason, I have no problem recommending a phone based on how well it nails the basics. My MIL has no clue what Color is, nor will she likely ever miss it.

Just in case anyone else wondered what LOB meant, it's line of business: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_of_business

Citing: "Line of business (LOB) is a general term which often refers to a set of one or more highly related products which service a particular customer transaction or business need."

What is a MIL?


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