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Camera+: The Road to 3 Million (infographic) (taptaptap.com)
92 points by Titanous on June 24, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

Now this is what I call an infographic!

Unlike many others which I have seen in the recent past, this infographic delivers a ton of data in a very clear, concise, easy to parse way.

I can't stand those infographics that just throw a bunch of numbers onto a canvas and expect it to make any sense. There was one on bottled water [1] that was a perfect example of this.

[1]: http://www.onlineeducation.net/bottled_water

Not bad, $2.7m in sales over a year, 8 people, gives you around $350k per person. Presumably they're not sharing equally, but that's still not a bad return for the first year on the market. I wonder how many person-years it took to build and market... I would assume less than 8, so they seem to have done pretty well for themselves.

Nearly every one of their apps have gone #1, not to mention all their MacHeist revenue, so their small team is doing really, REALLY well on an individual basis since they mostly do a profit share between teammates.

The first infographic I've seen in a while that is actually good - insightful data, good design, and it actually has real analysis behind it. I don't think I've ever seen a circle time chart like that before - really cool.

I now use it pretty much every day. I've only got good things to say about this app.


Sadly, they never responded to my improvement suggestion list. Now I see why.

Worth pointing out that the Instagram launch was on October 6, right in the middle of that gap between Camera+'s banhammering over VolumeSnap and their December reinstatement. Talk about great timing.

I wonder how they got the top effects and scene mode numbers. Do they send usage information from the app to their servers?

When you share a picture from the app to Twitter, it's uploaded to campl.us. Along with the picture itself comes the metadata of the various filters used.

Would it not be prudent to port it to Android and make further revenue, then?

At what cost though? My guess is that they have features planned out far in the future for their iOS apps, what should they give up there in order to port something to Android?

The same argument has been made for years for Mac specific apps. I for one am pretty glad that Panic has not taken the time to port any of their apps to windows, it has let them continue to make some of the best software in the world. None of their attention has been diverted to porting what they have already done.

Android paid apps sell horribly. Since taptaptap makes paid apps exclusively, I'm guessing that's why they are sticking with iOS.

The developer of the iOS game "BattleHeart" has announced some notable success with a paid-app port to Android recently[1]. Not at a level of equivalence, but at the level of 'worth doing' [2].

Though that uptake may not translate to a non-game app. Particularly in a niche skewed so heavily toward Apple's base, rather than Google's. And hinging on a component that reviews very well out of the box on the iPhone and as middling on many Android models.

[1] http://mikamobile.blogspot.com/2011/06/android.html

[2] Caveat two: he was using Unity middleware, which greatly lowers the effort of porting.

Yes but BattleHeart is not a top 200 even in iPhone games if I remember the article correctly. Camera+ is Top 10 overall, which based on my experience in the app store means its probably selling at a 100x greater rate than Battleheart. So there is a huge difference in addressable market between the two apps.

Enough with the infographics!

Camera+ is the single best app I've added to my iPhone4!

This is the web, not a magazine. We don't need information packaged in this form. I don't like this trend; it's abusive to my scrollwheel.


This should be an HTML document – if only to make it at least a tiny bit more accessible and also to allow you to, for example, copy text. So sure, that’s not so nice.

But what’s your problem with packaging information this way? Scrolling (and not paging) is one of the most elemental properties of the web. They could have added interactivity but that’s additional work you can’t really demand.

I don’t understand what you want.

This is a must have application for iPhone4. Its far superior to every other photo app and I've tried them all. If you ever use your camera, at all, buy this app.

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