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Ask HN: Are there any good job sites focused on tiny freelance dev task
15 points by roberja90 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Looking for a few dev projects to make some extra money on the weekends and evenings. Preferably each job would not take me (senior fullstack dev) more than a few hours each.

Great example task would be:

Simple integration with an email API. Add a new dropdown that hooks into X endpoint.

Requirements would need to be well scoped to make this feasible I would imagine

Upwork might be a good place for you.

> Requirements would need to be well scoped to make this feasible I would imagine

This depends on the client.

And JFYI - while there definitely are good clients on Upwork, you'd have to sieve through a lot of garbage posts, so you'll have to spend quite some time finding the good ones.

I also heard people saying that local US marketplaces (even Craigslist) might bring a higher hourly rate. Can't vouch for it, though. On Upwork, there's a lot of work at $30-35 per hour - you can set higher rate for yourself, but that would naturally mean less clients reaching out to you.

I've been working with it for 9.5 years now, you're welcome to ask if you have questions.

Good luck!

I agree that Upwork sounds ideal for small one-off tasks.

Mind if I ask how far you've been able to push your hourly rate up after 9.5 years on the site? I've been on it for 2 years and have been able to find long-term full-time contracts at the 60-70 $/hr range.

Answered via contact form on your website.

I was looking for people to do small atomic tasks. Short frontend tasks, specifically.

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