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Great experiment! Glad to see you got some engagement.

As someone who has run FB ads since the beginning though, I would disagree with one thing: in my experience over the years, people are ok with leaving Facebook, so long as you have a very nice, clean, easy to understand page with a clear value proposition.

My suggestion going forward is this: 1. Take each winning ad and make 3 more variants. 2. Take each interest you were targeting, make a separate campaign for each. 3. Place all variants of your winning ads in each campaign.

The purpose of this is to find which actual interest is responding to your product. Once you find that out, refine it again by breaking up location, age, gender, education, etc.

Get really granular over time. The end result is very good ROI and a solid way of making money on FB :)

Replying to myself here to give some info on my experiences with FB:

Here are my stats on the last week for one campaign where I make about $35-$50 on average per lead:

- Spend: $3,345.30 - Impressions: 6,305,765 - Clicks: 2,570 - CTR: 0.0408% (average, some ads are near 0.1% and they make the most money) - Average CPC: $1.30 - Leads: 237 - Average CPL: $14.11 - Revenue: $8,703.70

That's a pretty damn good ROI. Not every campaign does as well as this, but taking the time to find your audience, craft your message and optimize will yield good results.

I agree. Those numbers are pretty good even for an AdWords advertiser. And the fact that you've been able to scale it really well is even more praise-worthy.

Do you have a blog/website that I can follow?

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