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There are a lot of names missing. From my quick scan I don't see any of the well-connected old players signing on to that document.

The omissions speak more loudly than the inclusions.

This does not look like a politically influential list to me:

  Andreessen Horowitz
  AOL Ventures
  Avalon Ventures
  Benchmark Capital
  Court Square Ventures
  Draper Richards
  EDventure Holdings
  First Mark Capital
  First Round Capital
  Flybridge Capital Partners
  Founder Collective
  Foundry Group
  Greycroft Partners
  Greylock Partners
  IA Ventures
  Index Ventures
  Khosla Ventures
  Lerer Ventures
  North Bridge
  Rand Capital
  RRE Ventures
  Softbank Capital
  Spark Capital
  SV Angel
  True Ventures
  Union Square Ventures

Well SV Angel is Ron Conway's. How much more well-connected do you want?

I'm talking about connected to politicians

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