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Can iChat speak Jingle?

I just tried the combination of web-based Gmail <-> iChat and the web client can see that the iChat client has a camera and I can initiate a call but iChat never shows an incoming one.

If I go iChat<->iChat over Google's XMPP server I can make a call. Does iChat speak yet another incompatible video call extension if it used with an XMPP network?

Adium can't do AV either.... Can anyone recommend a OS X client? Video chat is currently the last thing that stops me from uninstalling Flash.


iChat in Lion will features service plugins.

It's not clear whether this includes audio and video? It may be only for text chats.

Lion supports Yahoo’s AV protocol, and I assume it’s integrated using the new plugin architecture.

Pidgin has a/v for all Unices and that may just include Mac OS X. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

What? Use the video chat built into Gmail. That doesn't utilize flash...

I'm pretty sure Gmail still uses flash for the audio but I could be wrong.

I mean, I could be wrong, but any of the A/V functionality in Gmail requires that I install a DEB in Ubuntu and it works fine with click-to-enable flash (obviously I'm not enabling it on gmail :P)

I repeatedly run into issues with stuff like the bell of a new chat not sounding because flash hasn't been click-to-enabled.

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