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Coffee Script. Geez. This is interesting, but too bad for the use of Coffee Script. Yes, I realize I could convert all the files to .js and be a happy camper.

Too bad why? I mean, aside from the fact that it's in a language you don't already know?

It just totally fragments the node developer community.

Imagine the confusion when you're working with or contributing to two different libraries that have different indentation or documentation standards. Now make the language different, and mix and match different syntaxes for different languages. Should modules in JS accept patches in coffee? What about vice versa?

Not to mention that coffeescript then becomes an additional dependency, and while in itself that's not bad, I still consider less unnecessary dependencies a positive aspect to a library/framework.

Edit: Why downvoted? Is this not a valid concern?

I agree, I would personally prefer it to be pure Javascript.

Hi, this is Paul, I liken the JS/Coffee debate to those wanting to figure out whether to learn Swedish or Danish, the languages are similar, and in fact swedes and danes speak to each other in each other's language, because they're similar.

Disclaimer - I'm still in the pub, What I'm trying to say is, I understand JS, I'm still happy to code in js, but I like teh coffeescript. Let's learn to speak to each other

That's why I bring up the fragmentation issue. I actually found coffee to be very pleasant to use, and if it was more standard I would jump head first and never look back at JS, but as it is, I got very frustrated jumping back and forth, and decided to convert all my coffee back to JS (not that it's hard).

To reiterate, I actually love coffeescript, but I see the fragmentation as overall hurting the JS developer community.

well, I speak Norwegian perfectly and close to perfect Danish and Swedish and... I know issues DO happen due to translation (because my Swedish and Danish is only close to perfect ;) ) Will be the same here. Don't get why a startup want this at all.

Two bits: Not that it isn't really elegant, but the jump from js to coffeescript does not result in a big enough gain for me to want to do it (as opposed to say, the jump from c to python). It foists an extra mental space on my team, as they have to learn to think in both languages, but doesn't give them a different programming environment with different problem solving tools. If we could totally dump js it might be more appealing. As it is, I see coffeescript splitting the js dev community by making code sharing more difficult.

Ahh "Geez" the start of every great, thoughtful language debate.

I get down voted because I prefer native Javascript to Coffee Script? Wow.

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