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Why isn't Facebook having their servers seized? Google? Amazon? If the FBI is really targeting the "badguys" I'm sure there have been more badguys using facebook/gmail/AWS than any single colo.

Why haven't there been similar seizures of any larger corporate entities? Even if the current FBI practices are valid, should the application of those practices be a function of size/wealth/power? Which servers of Sony's were seized after distributing rootkits?

Good question. No solid answers here, but my guess would be some combination of more redundancy, better and more active lawyers, and the large players not talking about it when it does go down.

FB, Google, etc all provide a nice procedure for LEO to query all desired info. It is not necessary to seize equipment. Example: https://www.eff.org/files/filenode/social_network/Facebook20... (pdf)

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